I’ll Take You By The Hand And Help You
To Build A Quarter-Million-Dollar-Plus Business In Less Than A Year..


From The Desk Of: Leonardo Schwartz, Author, Speaker and Business & Lifestyle Coach

To: YOU, in case you’re looking for the keys to build a QUARTER-MILLION-DOLLAR business in the next 12 months.

Yes, you read it right: I’m going to teach you all you need to know, lead you step-by-step and be by your side ALL THE WAY UP to your first quarter-million-dollar business, and we’ll make it a reality in one year or less.

I know this is a big claim to make, but my business and coaching experience have made me bold enough to know this is achievable and can be done relatively easy when you follow a proven path. And I’m here to guide you through that proven path.

But before anything else let me to be totally upfront with you about two things:

1) This is not going to be cheap.

But of course, if your get the results, it’s worth 10 times the required investment. An A LOT MORE in the long run.

And speaking about results..

2) You won’t be risking any money when you join this coaching program.

Of course, even when I know for a fact you can achieve the kind of results I’m offering you here IF you follow my lead, there is not way I can be sure how committed you are with your success. Because of that, I can’t guarantee you any results (it would be illegal for me to try to do so anyway).

However, this is what I’m going to do: If after 12 months of being in this coaching program, and provided you have participated actively on it and followed all instructions I gave you during the year, and despite that you have not made TWO TIMES the money you invested to join this program AND hadn’t had AT LEAST ONE $25,000 MONTH with your business, I’LL REFUND YOU EVERY PENNY YOU PAID ME FOR MY COACHING.

Sound fair enough for you?

You and I know that there are not refund guarantees at all when you get into any kind of coaching program since, on one hand, just like we discussed it, personal results can’t be guaranteed and, on the other hand, the coach had to make a big investment of time and energy to coach you anyway.

It could be insane to offer a refund guarantee in a coaching service, and even more insane to tie it up to a specific result the client is supposed to get.

Yes, I know I’m completely insane. But I’m so confident I have what it takes to give you the lifestyle you currently can only dream of, and I’m so sure you’re going to put the best of yourself in the line to get there, that I decided to do it anyway.

But of course, even when I’m really successful myself, I can’t afford to do this for many people at a time. So this offer -or at least THIS CRAZY GUARANTEE POLICY- will be valid for 10 people and 10 PEOPLE ONLY. I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you WHY.

So, now you know this program is not going to be cheap, but it worth every cent, let’s go down to business..

"How Can You Be So Confident I’ll Be Able

I know you can do it because as a business consultant I’ve helped many online entrepreneur to achieve that goal before.

And of course I’ve been able to do this because of my extensive first-hand business experience, experience that have allowed me to build highly successful online businesses through the years.

Now, even when I've been involved with many online business models, there are only 3 models I consider being bullet-proof.

I'm not saying these results can't be achieved by using any of the many online business models available today, I know you can do it.

What I'm saying is that these are the only THREE models I've been able to get down to a science and have seen consistent results for me and my clients and thus, the only ones I can really guarantee results with.

These three proven models are:

1) The Software Company Model

2) The Coaching Model

3) The Physical-Product Private-Labeling Model

The first two models deal mostly with digital products and services and the last one is based on physical products.

However, all three models take full advantage of the Internet, which is the real secret behind being able to build such a profitable business in a year or less.

Now, in case for any reason you don't want to build a business around one out of these 3 proven business models, please stop reading now: I can't really help you.

Of course, these are broad business models.

By instance, there are many things you can do inside the Software Business. Not all of them are equally bullet-proof, not all of them provide the same cash flow, not all of them require the same upfront investment and technology and, last but not least, not all of them might be a good fit for your personality.

Same thing goes for the Coaching Business and the Physical Private Labeling Business too.

The main reason why this is an all-involved one-on-one coaching program is because to be able to guarantee any kind of results I need to get to know you, who you are, what you enjoy doing and, based on this knowledge to formulate a business plan completely tailored to YOU and WHO YOU ARE.

In my experience, only highly motivated people become successful and you won’t become a highly motivated person at least you have no reserves on the business model you’ll be working on and be capable of enjoy all the way up.

Now, what I’m saying you here is more than words. You might or might not know it, but beside my extensive business experience I’m really knowledgeable about how the human physique works, and what it takes for a person to change its own reality from within out.

In fact, if you’re interested in achieving a profound and non-necessarily money-wise change in any area of your life I strongly recommend you check out my Mindset Architect Program.

“How Will The Whole Program Work?”

Just like I explained to you before, this is an all-involved coaching program and you’ll be working side-by-side with me during the full year in order I can give you the most chances possible to get to you goal AS QUICK AND EFFECTIVELY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

That being said, I want to make it really clear from the very beginning that this is a coaching program and NOT a course.

Why I say that?

Because in a coaching program the contents, and the pace you go through it -and so your results- depend ON YOU.

Contrarily to a course, where the content is always the same for all members and the author is not involved at all with the process through which each student absorbs and further put into practice what has been taught, in a coaching program -a real one I mean- the contents will vary wildly based on each client background, strengths, likes and personal goals; the coach will be completely involved with the client’s progress and results and every subsequent instructions will be provided UPON and PROVIDED the client have completed, that’s PUT INTO PRACTICE, the last tasks assigned.

To avoid any ambiguity on this remarkable point, let me give you a really extreme example: let’s say I’m coaching someone and after we meet to assess this person inclinations and strengths we both agree on a business model to follow during the program. I prepare the business plan and provide the client with the first action steps he needs to take.

These action steps could be as simple as registering a domain for his new product or more complex like writing a salesletter or creating -or getting created- the product itself.

Of course, extensive explanations and guidelines will be provided to complete each action step and I’ll be there for you to get any question answered at any time you could need it.

However, let’s say despite all the support provided the client doesn’t complete the task. I’ll probably contact him a few times to know what’s going on, but in case the client decided to get unresponsive, no further instructions will be provided. That means, the coaching stops right at the moment you stop following my directions and completing the tasks I instructed you to complete.

Of course, no refunds will be granted in case you fail achieving this coaching goal because of you don’t properly and timely following my directions.

Additionally, you’ll get banned out from working with me in any other similar coaching or mentor program, current of to be launched in the future. I’m putting my reputation on the line with every client I decide to take in this kind of programs and just can’t afford to work with no serious people.

Hopefully all of this makes sense to you since this is the way I work in all my coaching programs. I always look for my client’s results and can’t get results for anyone not willing to follow my directions, act on what I teach and commit to his/her own success.


As you see, this is a ACTION AND RESULTS oriented program. No unnecessary theory will be never considered.

First, I carefully analyze your background and profile in order to suggest the business model and approach that best fits you. Then, I’ll guide you action-step by action-step towards building your new business or, in case you already have a business you love -and it’s based on one of the two business model I recommend and use on this coaching- towards growing it to make it a real quarter-million-dollar business.

To get you to this goal within the agreed time frame we’re going to focus our work around 3 key points:

1) Strategic Business Grow

Strategic is all about taking full advantage of what you have, build on so that you build you business quicker as setting up a solid foundation for the long term.

EVERYTHING I tell my my clients to do is based in carefully formulated business strategy. I don’t suggest things off the top of my head, I take the time to consider all elements and design a sound strategy for you to follow. That’s why I may take several days o even weeks before suggesting a new line of action, depending on the situation an complexity of the issue.

2) Right Mindset

My experience not only as a business coach but as a professional hypnotherapist too has taught me that as much as 90% of success resides in having the right mindset. In consequence, mindset training should never be taken lightly and we won’t do it on this coaching program. Be prepared to work not only on your business but on yourself.

3) Action and Support To The Action

As I told you before, you can’t get results if you don’t get your feet wet and push yourself to take action. I’m here to help you to do just that.

So, you wouldn’t be expecting me to provide too much theory at all. I won’t.

A large part of my work consist in is helping you as much as possible to not get distracted, keep you focus and achieve results. Because of that, I’m not going to collaborate with your natural tendency to distraction by asking you to study materials not directly related nor strictly needed to complete a particular action step.

The only exception to this rule is what relates to material or tools you can use to help you out to develop a strong success mindset. These resources will be recommended without reservations when I judge they can be useful. Your mindset work is, on the other hand, not distracting but supporting by nature.

"How Quickly I’ll Be Seeing Results?"

We need to clarify what you call results.

Being this a totally action oriented program it’s clear you’ll be seeing results from day 1. Deciding on what business model to pursue, putting together a business plan, working on your image or storyboarding your next product are all results on their own right.

That said, I guess what you really are asking with this question is how quick you’ll be seeing money rolling in as a direct result of your working through this program.

And I know too that you know the answer to this question: there are many variables involved for me to be able to give you a straight answer. It varies from person to person, from market to market, from project to project.

However, as my goal -and the goal we both agreed on since the very moment you joined this coaching- is really specific and it’s attached to a equally specific period of time you can rest sure all action steps I’ll be guiding you through have been purposely designed to get you to that goal in that specific time frame.

Remember: I’m not only putting my reputation on the line BUT MY MONEY AND MY TIME so I’d better do a great job at it!

Now, if you’ve been an entrepreneur for some time, either on u offline, you know a business takes time to build and you absolutely can’t expect money results from day one.

You need to put the pieces together to build the money machine first before asking them to start spilling out money on your way!

In the offline business world, a period of 1-3 years is required to finish the business building period and that’s the main reason why 95% of business fail within the first 5 years of existence: people just forget they’ll probably have to nurture and support the business during these initial years in order for it to be able to take care of them later on.

Although, when you build an online business -or any business that takes advantage of the Internet for that matter- you get the additional advantages of greatly lowering start-up costs as accelerating testing and tweaking and thus the initial business building phase at the same time.

This fact reduces in a substantial way the time needed to get to a self-sustained business what of course improve greatly the chances of the business succeeding.

All in all, in my experience you can build the kind of business we’re after in a 12-month period or even less, depending on several variables. And you can expect to see the first monetary results within 6 months in most cases.

Business Looks Like?”

Being this the specific goal we’re aiming for in this coaching program I need to be totally sure we both are on the same channel:

A QUARTER-MILLION-DOLLAR-PLUS Business is, as by my definition -and the only one valid to this coaching program- a business which generates either an average revenue of $25k a month OR one which have generated $250k plus revenue during the last 12-month period.

The second option in the definition is pretty straight-forward so let’s explain further the first option:

A business that generates an average revenue of $25,000/mo is producing -or is expected it to produce- an annual revenue of $300,000+.

As explained before, a business requires time to get to the point where it’s capable of producing money. Consequently, more likely than not you won’t see any considerable revenue rolling in before 6 months. Once the revenue kicks in is expected to increase every month on though.

Considering this along with the fact this is a 12-month coaching program, it’s unlikely you’ll be in the position to say your business has generated $250k plus in the last 12-months just 12 months after your joining. It can happen, and that depends heavily on the business model we decided to go with, but you shouldn’t count on that.

So, most of the times you’ll be judging your success with this program based on your business’ monthly revenue.

That’s why I based on that monthly revenue my [CRAZY] guarantee terms, and even took this monthly revenue up to $25k/mo even when it really adds up to a $300,000 annual revenue instead of the $250,000 plus annual revenue we agreed on.

And to make your investment in this program an absolute no-brainer -in case you’re a motivated person decided to make it happen for you of course- I even added a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK extra layer of protection for your investment today.

What that means is that, in case you’ve gotten at least a $25k month during the entire year, but you haven’t earned a total revenue of $50,000 or more as a direct result of your participation in this coaching, you’d still enabled to ask for a refund.

Yes, crazy I know, but your peace of mind is really important for me..

“How Are You Going To Protect Yourself
From People Taking Advantage Of You
Because Of This Generous Guarantee?”

First off, in the strange case you go through this entire program, follow my instructions to a T and do your best to succeed and even so fail to get to the goal - it sounds really weird to write this because it’s so improbable- I wouldn’t really need nor want to protect myself from you.

I’d want you to get your money back ASAP and along with my more sincere apologies for having been unable of helping you out to achieve your dreams.

Now, to the few willing to take advantage of me, I have only two things to say:

1) If you ask for a refund you won’t be coached by me again.

This is not revenge but common sense: if I couldn’t help you, most often than not, I won’t be able to do it in the future.

HOWEVER, if you are just trying to take advantage of me you’ll get excluded of working with me in the future and that might mean millions of dollars in lost revenue for you.

Remember: if I helped you to build a 6-figure business out of thin air, I can even more easily help you to take it to the 7-figure level in no time. You cheat on me, you lose.

(I’ve had clients don’t asking for a refund even when they could, by the fine letter, do so. They just understood the value of my work and how much I may help them in the future.. )

2) Business is relationships.

Even if I fall short by my guarantee terms YOU AND ME KNOW if I could or not help you to build a quarter-million-dollar business. And thus, we both know what you should, in good faith, do.

I mean, if on month 12 I get short and you earned $1k less than you were supposed by my guarantee terms you’re totally enabled to ask for a refund. But you and me know I did help you out to build the promised business for you and had really earned my money.

But I refuse to take out my guarantee or fill it up with a bunch of fine print just to protect me from the bad guys. I prefer better to refund losers and get them out of my circle as soon as possible.

Business is in large part based in relationships and narrow-minded people just don’t get too far..

“Fair Enough For Me.
What’s The Cost And How Can It Be Paid?”

The cost of this coaching program is $25,000

I’m not going to insult your intelligence trying to justify this cost. If you have to ask, this is not for you.

The coaching tuition is meant to be paid in full and in advance for obvious reasons. You can do it through bank wire or credit card. Just contact me to leonardo@leonardoschwartz.com to ask for the details.

Now, most people CCs are not able of manage these kind of amounts and maybe you don’t have the full amount available in cash sitting in your bank account.

If that’s your case, you’ll be glad to know I setup a special payment plan. This is still not for everyone, and I strongly recommend to pass up on this whole coaching offer if you can’t afford the tuition.

That said, the special payment plan consist on a first payment of $10,000 and then 4 monthly payment of $4,500.

As you can see, this option includes and interest of $3k, but as it spread the payment out to 5 full months it can really help some people to join.

Use the following payment button to join using this option. You can pay by credit card, debit card or using your paypal balance.


 (If you want to take this option but prefer wire transfer or any other payment method,
contact me to leonardo@leonardoschwartz.com)

“I Can’t Really Afford It..
What Should I Do?”

There are only two ways someone might not afford getting into this coaching program. One is not having the funds available and I can understand that to an extent.

And I say I understand that to an extent because I found through the years that most things we’re convinced we’re not capable of, we really are. It’s just -like most things- a MINDSET’s shortcoming.

When I got started with one of my business, I was in a real bad economic situation and, to top it off, I had no way to get a bank to lend me any money. But I didn’t allow myself to give up.

Eventually I got the money from a group of independent investors. You can get whatever you want HARDLY ENOUGH.

There are no limits to what you can achieve in life nor what you can do.

If you are only going to learn only one thing from me today, please let it to be this one

Now, there is another different way someone could not afford to join this coaching today: It’s when you can’t MENTALLY afford it.

I mean, you just can’t wrap your mind around the idea of investing $25,000 into yourself and your success.

If that’s your case, I probably won’t be able to help you. Mindset limitations are way harder than money limitations and can’t be overcome at least the individual is totally and completely committed to change.

Just one last word: if you think this is not worth $25,000 for you, you’re right.

If you think it’s worth 10 times that amount, YOU’RE RIGHT.


 Time To Make Your Mind..

We’ve had a nice talking here and I really wish you the best in your business and life and hope some of the things I’ve shared with you today really help and impact you for the better.

But as you know, the success is of those willing to ACT and MAKE DECISIONS. In fact, the whole destiny is owned by such a people.

Of course, making decisions involves your being capable of taking risks. But there are no rewards in life for those who are not willing to take risks.

What side of the fence are your at? Do you feel your moment have come to jump over and start changing your destiny (remember: your destiny is yours and only yours)?


I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.


Not Your Time?

No problem at all. Take it easy.

Hopefully we’ll meet each other again down the road.

STOP THINKING about your dreams and START LIVING your dream life.. TODAY!

All the Best,

Creator and Director of The Mindset Architect Program
Author of Success Algorithms

PS: A quick note on GRAMAR:

In case you've spotted some grammar mistakes on this salesletter I want you to know english is not my native language so you can expect my english comunication skills being far from perfect, but GOOD ENOUGH for me to have been capable of building quite a few businesses and help many people to do just the same.

However, if you think you could be in any way unconfortable with this fact, please don't join this coaching program.

I know how unnecessary this clarification really is, but as I've met some grammar nazis in the past I just wanted to make it clear enough just in case.

None of them ended up being really successful people by the way..

The lesson?